Classrooms are seeking YOU out for Mystery Skype!  This activity is a great way to collaborate across the country or the world and build geographic understanding in students.  I’m on my second year of doing Mystery Skypes with the same group of students and watching their geography grow is reaffirming.  We don’t do a lot of geography otherwise; I’m glad they are picking it up.

How does one do Mystery Skype?  You and another classroom (or individual) will set up a time to skype.  Then your classes take turns asking yes/no questions about the other class’ location.  Are you west of the Mississippi River?  Are you in the Eastern time zone?  It finally narrows down until you guess which state.  It is so much fun.

To find Mystery Skype classrooms, look at


Another way is to search for the #mysteryskype hashtag on Twitter.  There are also various google docs out there to sign up on, like this one:


Trust me, people will want to skype with you because you’re in Alaska.  Try it out!

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