Genius Hour Day 1


My first foray into it was probably in 2013 or so, similar to finding Twitter.  Because of course, good ideas find YOU on Twitter.  I started with elementary, just creating, just learning.

We just kicked off a Middle School Genius Hour.  Every Monday.  Monday!  Let’s set the tone for the week with student-led learning is my plan.  This time around, it will be a little more formal, a little more accountable because my goals for them are not only learning but figuring out how to plan a project, keep working on a project, find ways to be accountable for that project.

There will be missteps.  Like today, was I excited enough about it?  Did I warm up the grill before dropping the steak on it like #tlap?  I don’t know.  Do I have a plan for more than just today?  Not yet.  I know, in theory, what this should look like, how I should revise it for this next go around of Genius Hour.  In theory.  The theory is good.

My own Genius Hour project is going to be blogging about Genius Hour.   (And blogging in general.)  It’s TIME to contribute to the larger field of learning and teaching!  I’ve 22 semesters under my belt, never two the same.  It’s time for my students and it is time for me.


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