I’m a teacher.  Special Education teacher by trade.  A sometimes blogger.  An occasional novelist and poet.  An all-the-time mom.  A new widow.  A reluctant dog mom.  An imperfect child of God, saved through the love of Jesus.

Consider this page mostly about education in Alaska, and full of my own opinions (though they are not unique to me); of course, don’t be surprised when other topics pop up from time to time.  Like grief and grieving and navigating one’s career through it.

You can see my early stuff here:  My KPBSD Educator Blog 

You can read student writings from some of my classes here: Warrior Writers (Student bloggers)

More old writings here: My One-Word and Other Random Challenges

(I’m also on Twitter…@tchlrn_ak)


(Header photo from https://flic.kr/p/ozFkT8).


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