What do you think of this quote? It has been floating around my Facebook feed for a few days. Makes me wonder, are my friends in the midst of a storm or are they encouraging others with this anonymous sentiment.

As it goes, my storm ebbs and flows. I’m still afloat, which is a good thing, and I’ve traveled in some reasonable waters in conjunction with family vacations mostly. Setting out with my favorite three people is an eye in this storm.

Yes, I rented a limo as transportation from the airport. Because memories.

But to think a storm clears the path makes me kind of sad. There wasn’t anything wrong with the path we were on BC (before cancer). He had some big, adventurous ideas that would have been quite the journey. Or even just staying put and enjoying what we have at home was a good plan, too. But no.

I’m making some course changes these days, but I don’t consider them course corrections. Picking a different star to set my sight on, perhaps, but there is nothing wrong with the one I’ve followed for the past decade. If anything, perhaps in a change I will rediscover a voice for sharing my story in a more tranquil sea.

An Ed Stading original, Kachemak Bay.